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Access-authorized users cannot access the product by setting Access Restrictions via "Delegate Authority to External SMB Server".

Created 02/16/2011 13:36  |   Updated 09/22/2011 13:53

When setting Access Restrictions via Delegate Authority to External SMB Server, it needs to change the security setting on Windows 7 (32bit/64bit) / Vista (32bit/64bit), Windows Server 2003 / Server 2008 by "File Security Tool".

"File Security Tool" can be installed from the CD included with the product or download from the website.

  1. Navigate to [Start]-[Programs]-[BUFFALO]-[File Security Tool]-[File Security Tool].
  2. Select [Change the file security level], then click [Change].
  3. When "Change security level" is displayed, click [Yes].
  4. When "Would you like to restart Windows now?"is displayed; click [Yes].
    When PC is rebooted, changing the file security level is completed.
When changing back the setting again, select [Change back the file security level] at step 3 of above steps, then click [Change].



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