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Why the Power management feature does not automatically suspend LinkStation when PC is shutdown?

Created 09/11/2012 15:37  |   Updated 04/05/2013 08:58

The Automatic Power management feature suspends the LinkStation when all LAN client PCs which have NAS Navigator2 installed are shutdown.


This feature works when the device power switch is in Auto mode and client PC has NAS Navigator installed.


Please check the following to correct any problems:



Make sure you have installed the latest NAS Navigator2 on client PC.



Set the power switch from Manual to Auto mode after you launch NAS Navigator2.



Make sure Firewall list of programs that are allowed to communicate includes Buffalo NAS Navigator2. If not manually add it to the firewall list.


Finally to test, make sure all PCs that have NAS Navigator2 on LAN are shutdown.

It will take a few minutes for power light to go off.



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