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How can I connect Windows XP PC with built-in wireless client to Access Point.

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Please make sure your PC's Wireless LAN is turned ON (Some PCs have a hardware Wireless On/Off switch)
  1. Enable internal PC Wireless LAN (Make sure it is turned on by software or by a hardware switch) . Next to check Internet connection, Start browser to your favorite site. If you are unable to access any site on Internet, continue to next step.


  2. Record the SSID and Encryption key of the Wireless router. If you have not changed the router default settings, you may refer to the tag attached to the side of the Wireless Router for default SSID and Key settings.



  3. Enable And Connect Using Windows XP’s Wireless Zero Configuration (WZC)

    A. click Start and run . Enter "services.msc" and click OK.

    B. In Service Window, click Wireless Zero Configuration.

    C. Inspect Wireless Zero Configuration Properties.

    Set Startup to Automatic and start and Apply Settings if already not started.


  4. From Start Menu , select Control Panel, and double-click "Network Connections"
  5. Right click the wireless adapter and select "properties"
  6. Check option, "Use Windows to configure my wireless network settings"


  7. Now, double click the wireless adapter . Next , Select SSID you have recorded in step 2 from the list and push the "connect" button.
  8. Enter the Encryption key if secured connection.
  9. Click "Connect"
  10. Look for "connected" in the list to confirm actual connection.



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