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Accessing LinkTheater PC software from LinkTheater

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There can be a number of causes for this.
Check the following:

  1. Check Computer - Check that computer is on and is not in sleep mode.
  2. Check the path settings for media content - Confirm that media content has been placed in the correct folders assigned in the preferences of the LinkTheater PC software.
  3. Check computer connection on the Home network - Ensure that the computer is physically connected to Home network (or wirelessly connected). If Home network includes a shared internet connection, check computer connection by trying to browse to the internet.
  4. Check LinkTheater connection on the Home network - Ensure that LinkTheater is connected to the Home network. This can be done by checking if a proper IP Address has been assigned to LinkTheater (IP Address tab of LinkTheater main settings).
  5. Check that the LinkTheater PC software is running - Check that the LinkTheater PC software is running on the computer. Check for the icon running in the system tray.
  6. Check network security/firewall software - Some network security or firewall software may prevent the LinkTheater PC software from operating properly. Try disabling the network security/firewall software.
  7. Verify user is logged into Windows PC - If the computer is running Windows 2000 or Windows XP, make sure user is signed in.



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