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Device driver conflicts

Created 05/30/2012 17:45  |   Updated 06/12/2012 09:52

Often other manufactures use chipsets that are similar to Buffalo's and the wireless drivers tend to conflict.

Card installation instructions:

Step 1:

Insert the Air Navigator disc that came with the wireless card.
The main menu on this disc should include a "remove wireless adapter drivers" option.
Click this option and follow the on-screen instructions.
If the option does not appear on the main menu, the uninstall program can be found at d:MDRIVERDEVREMOVE.EXE (with d: being the letter of the CD-ROM drive, so it may vary).

Step 2:

After running the uninstall tool, remove the Buffalo card from your computer, and reboot the system.

Step 3:

Once rebooted, navigate to the Device Manager.
In Device Manager, navigate to to Network Adapters, and click the plus sign to expand the category.
Under device manager, a "broadcom 802.11G wireless adapter" or something similarly named should appear.
Right-click on this and choose uninstall. Right-click the device again and choose Disable. Exit the device manager.

Step 4:

Insert the Buffalo PCMCIA card, and wait for the "found new hardware" wizard to display.
Do not let the wizard install the software automatically. Instead, choose "install the driver from a specific location."

Step 5:

Uncheck all of the places for windows to search (removable storage, windows update, etc.).
There should be an option to manually select a location, or a "Have disk" button. Choose this option.

Step 6:

Browse to the INF file on the disk. On older discs this INF file will be found at d:CBG54WIN2000NETCBG54.INF (if using windows 2000 or XP).
On newer discs, it will be located at d:DRIVERCBG54WIN2000NETDBG54.INF

(Note: these are the locations for the WLI-CB-G54S and WLI-CB-G54HP, the location may vary for other cards)

Step 7:

Follow the rest of the on-screen prompts as if you were installing the driver normally.

If the problem persists, the internal card may have to be disabled in the computer's BIOS.




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