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Does the TeraStation support WOL (Wake on LAN)?

Created 03/25/2011 09:06  |   Updated 04/26/2011 18:54

The TeraStation supports WOL (Wake on LAN) function.

The TeraStation waits for the incoming WOL packet at port 2304.
Send the packet to this port 2304 from the software.

  • If power is temporary interrupted due to an unplugged AC cable or a power failure, it takes approximately five minutes for the product to get ready to start up by WOL.
  • Please separately prepare the software (for example, AMD’s Magic Packet Utility) that sends the WOL packet.
  • When the port trunking function is being used, it is unable to start up TeraStation by WOL.
  1. Click [Network] - [Network] - [IP Address Settings] - [Modify Settings] on the setup screen of TeraStation.

  2. Select [Enable] under [Wake on LAN], and click [Save].

    Now the WOL setup is complete.

    The TeraStation can get started by receiving the WOL packet from a computer even when powered down (but keep the product connected with an outlet by the AC cable).



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